Tips on how to make vet visits less stressful

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Blog

Familiarize your pet with the car

Make car rides to the vet less stressful by taking your pet places you know they might enjoy such as the dog park, lakes, a nice walking trail, etc. Switch up the car rides so they associate the car with good stuff and not just the scary stuff. For your cat, make sure they have a carrier. It helps to put something in the carrier with your scent, like a T-shirt for example.

Familiarize your pet with the vet’s office

If you are coming to us for the first time, give us a call and set up a meet & greet that way you & your pet can become familiar with the space. Your pet will get lots of treats and get to know our staff in a stress free way. It’s like a trip to go visit some friends! If you have a cat, we have a separate cat room with fun things for them to play with/hide in and special pheromones to help relax them.

Visit the vet regularly

Come in for non-stressful visits, just to say hi, get your pet weighed, or even just for some treats. Our staff would be happy to love on them for a few minutes and give lots of treats! If you have more than one pet bring the other one along for the visit, for moral support and to just say hi so they don’t think something scary is going to happen every time they come.

Teach basic commands or tricks

Some basic commands such as “sit”, “down” and or “stay” can help take your pups mind off the stress of bring at the vet’s office. Its less stressful for them if you command them to “sit” on the scale rather than physically moving them there. You can also practice some while waiting to distract them.

Practice handling them at home

Handling your pet at home can help take the stress away from the vet touching areas they are not used to. Practice holding/touching their feet, ears, tail, etc. Making this a routine as they get older can help you identify any new bumps, lumps, or injuries.

Choose a vet that connects with your dog

Even if you don’t come to Healthy Pets & are looking for general tips to ease your pet into liking the vet, make sure you choose a vet that connects with your pet. You know them best and can tell when they may be more uncomfortable than normal. If you don’t like your vet, get a new one. If your pet seems to not like any vets or had a bad experience at one, try to find one that will be willing to accommodate to their needs. Here at Healthy Pets our top priority is the wellbeing of your pet, which includes them enjoying their visits rather than being fearful. We make sure to get down to their level & sit on the floor with them. Treats, patience, and fear-free practice are some of our special tools. Come see for yourself.

Keep yourself calm

Your animals can pick up on owner’s anxiety. If you are anxious or worried, your pet will be too. Its important to keep yourself calm, don’t over coddle, and talk in a normal voice. We don’t want your pet to think something is wrong so you don’t need to pick them up and constantly say “it is okay”. Act like you would if you were at home, relaxed and calm.

Our goal is to make every visit at Healthy Pets Veterinary Care Boca North an enjoyable one, for both pets and pet parents! For more information on how to make the transportation of your kitty as stress-free as possible, please see our kitty transport page.