Some Veterinary Wisdom To Protect Your Furry Friends Against Fleas

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Blog

At our veterinary practice in Boca Raton, FL, our veterinarians often find themselves talking to pet owners about the common problem fleas. Although tiny, we don’t have to tell you that fleas can be a huge nuisance to the health and happiness of both you and your pets. Your best approach when dealing with fleas, and other pests like ticks and worms, is to consult the best and friendliest veterinarians in Boca Raton, FL – Healthy Pets Veterinary care! At Healthy Pets, we care about the well-being of you, your pets, and your family. With that in mind, here are some of our thoughts on preventing against the annoyance and dangers of fleas.

Identifying the Symptoms

Though we tend to associate flea infestations with excessive amounts of grooming, licking, and scratching, not all cats and dogs exhibit these symptoms all the time. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if they’re carrying fleas. Even worse, sometimes a single flea bite can drive a pet to itch for days and hurt themselves itching! You may be able to find flea dirt by taking a comb and brushing through your dog or cat’s hair but really if you have any concerns or your pet is showing any signs of itch, please call a local veterinarian such as Healthy Pets immediately.


Rather than just toss your infested furry friend straight into the bath, come see a veterinarian first. There are much more effective measures then flea shampoos, and if you are not using long-term treatment of working on clearing the infestation, your furry family member is likely to have a recurring issue. Our veterinarians can guide you through the steps and treatments involved. While plenty of spot-on flea treatments exist we find the oral medications for dogs to be much more effective (and we have some great new topical options for cats that are changing the game!). No matter the treatment chosen, it is in the interest of your home, and your pet that you consult an expert before proceeding.

The Preventative Measures

Once your flea problem has been diagnosed and a treatment plan has been created, your next priority should be routinely vacuuming any carpets, rugs, or spaces above and under furniture in your home. You should also groom your dog or pet regularly to help keep then clean and find fleas, eggs or flea dirt early. Pupae and larvae nestled in clothing and fabrics may return when you least expect them. Regular visits to Healthy Pets Veterinary Care will always ensure that your furry friends don’t find themselves the unwilling hosts to any flea, tick or another pest. To schedule an appointment, please fill out a contact form, book an appointment directly online or give us a call.