by | Aug 22, 2023 | Blog

During these weird times of social distancing and stay at home orders we get to spend so much more time together with our furry companions than usual. Let’s take advantage of this extra time with our pets and treat them right! We at Healthy Pets have compiled a list of things to do with your pets.

  • Give your dirty pet a Bath.
    • If you have a yard, take advantage of the wonderful weather, or give your pet a bath in the tub inside. We recommend using fragrance and tear free pet shampoo or baby shampoo. We also carry shampoos for hypo-allergenic pets.
    • Pet stores and Amazon also carry pet blow dryers which make completely drying your pets easier and give them that nice blow-out look.
  • Trim your pet’s nails.
    • Now is a great time to get your dog used to trimming their nails with nail clippers or a Dremel tool.
    • Remember patience is key and use a lot of the best tasting treats as rewards throughout the process.
    • You want your pet to tolerate having their nails trimmed, not despise it, so we recommend not restraining your pet after their patience is lost.
    • Consistency is key, the more often you trim the more they will tolerate it.
  • Teach your pet new tricks.
    • Like nail trimming, we recommend using high reward treats like cheese, hotdog pieces or pill-pockets.
    • You must reward the pet immediately after performing the trick in order for them to associate the act with a reward.
    • Teach in steps. If you are teaching your pet to lay down, start with sitting first and reward them for that step.
  • Brush your pet.
    • To avoid unnecessary exposure, we have stopped grooming for the time being. To keep your pet looking nice and avoid matted fur, brush your pet regularly with a wire bristled brush.
    • We recommend “Furminators” for those pets who shed a lot and/or have a double coat. Those brushes really help getting rid of unwanted shedding. You could make a whole new dog out all the fur it grabs.

Lastly give your pets some extra love and attention. We hope everyone stays safe and vigilant during this pandemic by staying home and minimizing exposure. We are here for you and your pets needs in this time by continuing to provide services at our clinic, as well as having the option for TeleMedicine appointments for clients.